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Explain the classification of remote control UAV to you

Issuing time:2020-04-21 00:00

Remote control aircraft refers to the aircraft that can control flight remotely. It first appeared in mainland China as a stand-alone sales (i.e. aircraft and remote control are sold separately), which would have a high cost for consumption. At that time, technology was not very developed, and it could not fly according to its own ideas. It was very difficult to debug the aircraft and remote control, which caused the limitations of the consumer group. With the development of science and technology, most of the remote control aircraft are sold as one-piece aircraft, and the manufacturer has been well debugged. For some new learning aircraft, it has reached the state of flying by hand, and the price is relatively low. The remote control aircraft has entered the ordinary family, in which play is the main direction; some enthusiasts refit it to achieve more entertainment (such as aerial photography, load, etc.). UAV manufacturer

According to their use and performance differences. Remote control aircraft can be divided into toy, aircraft model, military and other UAV manufacturers

The main difference between toys and aircraft models is whether the remote control aircraft itself has the standard of players with fever (route, wind resistance, etc.). But even if these conditions are met, it is still a large class of toy remote control aircraft. Mainly for entertainment, it can also be used for agricultural exploration.

There is no military remote control aircraft on the market. It is mainly used by the military to transform the aircraft model to meet higher requirements for operation, mainly for high-altitude exploration.

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