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2017 zhaotong daguan county e-commerce training successfully concluded

Issuing time:2020-04-21 00:00

The cross-border e-commerce talent cultivation base is jointly built by the communist youth league committee of southwest forestry university and yunnan hexong technology co., LTD., which is a base to actively serve the "One Belt And One Road" national strategy and cultivate Internet + applied talents for import and export trade. Since its establishment in August 2015, the base has trained a total of 472 professional e-commerce talents, providing new blood for the cross-border e-commerce industry in yunnan.

The base on March 28, sent 3 teachers to zhaotong daguan county part of wechat business, village two committees related personnel, college students village officials, enterprises and rural youth for a day of e-commerce training. According to the principle of "targeted poverty alleviation", the training was successfully held under the cooperation of the school poverty alleviation team, the school youth league committee and the guan youth league and county committee. A total of 260 people attended the meeting. According to the characteristics of agricultural and sideline products in daguan county and the general situation of trainees, the base carefully organizes business backbone and customized design courses, focusing on the domestic e-commerce platform shop decoration, product upload and marketing training.

During the training process, the participating youth in daguan county had a positive interaction with the teachers in the cross-border e-commerce training base. Zhaotong city engaged in the e-commerce industry of young people will be their own experience in doing e-commerce, ways, methods for the corresponding exchange.

At the meeting, the head of the communist youth league and county committee of daguan county expressed the hope that in this training, young people can be guided from the perspective of policy, market and economy, so as to explore the e-commerce market, accelerate the development of e-commerce, and strengthen the awareness of e-commerce.

This training will further promote the entrepreneurship and employment of rural youth in the information age in daguan county, zhaotong city, and gradually accelerate and promote the model of "youth + Internet + agricultural products", so as to help rural youth to become rich through entrepreneurship through multiple channels.

Through this training, many young people expressed that they hope to participate in this kind of e-commerce training more, which can improve their understanding of e-commerce, promote the development of rural e-commerce, and expand the network sales channels of agricultural products.

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