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Issuing time:2020-04-21 00:00

Located in Kunming city, Yunnan province, Yunnan Halo-Diamond Technology Co., Ltd. at the forefront was founded in August, 2015.

Cross-border electronic business is core business that spans glob, focusing on Europe, North America and Southeast Asia. It focus on selling
Yunnan-made goods such as tea and coffee around the world via Alibaba, Aliexpress, Wish, Onloon, Facebook and etc.

It has been a member of Yunnan Nanfang Education Investment Group Co., Ltd since August, 2016.
Yunnan Halo-Diamond Tech. expands the business to e-commerce and plateau characteristic agricultural products. After three years development, the professional e-commerce team with full of passion and dream is built. There are 11 major members and 4 core members, most of members who are from Guangzhou, Zhejiang and Shenzhen. Good command of English and Thai, they are both rich in foreign trade experiences and further enterprising spirit. The company develops at a high speed. The sales of e-commerce business was 6.3 million rmb in 2017.

“Open, Share, Respectability, Win”, Yunnan Halo-Diamond Technology Co., Ltd is dedicated to cooperate with coastal enterprises. Sharing their resources and relying on position advantage, professional operation, stable customers and promising team, the company is determined to become the NO. 1 of Yunnan Cross Border E-Commerce Business.

TELEPHONE: 15911749167
ADDRESS: 24th floor, block B, South Asia first international, 569 dianchi road, kunming city, yunnan province, China